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Mentoring Today Our Future Mentors of Tomorrow

Copyright 2016 Cutting Edge Helping Hands, Inc. All rights reserved. Cutting Edge Helping Hands, Inc of Pompano Beach, Florida is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of Florida      

What Your Donation Mean To Our Participants

Perhaps you are a young adult, parent,  community leader, community organization, business man or woman or just someone who values the work that Cutting Edge Helping Hands is doing.  Whatever the case may be you have an amazing opportunity to help empower our young adults and others by giving them a second chance at obtaining an education, career, financial self-sufficiency, self-confidence and self-value.

Our participants are young people who have the challenges of a vastly changing world.  At Cutting Edge Helping Hands we want to make sure that the foundation they build their future upon will be one that not only benefits them as individuals, but will affect their children, family, community and even the global world in a positive and relevant way. We can’t do any of this without the help of friends, donors and partners like you.

Your contribution, tax deductible up to the full extent allowable by law, helps secure materials for workshops, vital resources to run the program, scholarships for students that qualify and with hard work a better future for those we seek to help.

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