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Cutting Edge Helping Hands, Inc.
2025 NW 15th Avenue, Unit B
Pompano Beach, Florida  33069
Phone: (954) 978-6311 Fax: (954) 978-3328

​​​Our Mission

At Cutting Edge Helping Hands we are committed to assisting young adults overcome the social economic challenges they face by providing them with the education and training tools necessary to become a productive member of society.

Our Vision

Cutting Edge Helping Hands of Pompano Beach, Florida is that beacon of light, hope, integrity, and change in our community, city and state. We are a community based resource program dedicated to providing workshops, programs, training and education to those among us who are in need of a second chance at life. 

How We Started

Cutting Edge Helping Hands was created from the vision of James Jankowski owner of Cutting Edge Industries founded in 2010.  The gift of a second chance at life is something  Mr. Jankowski understands and can personally relate to himself.  We are a Pompano Beach, Florida, community-based organization dedicated to changing the lives of young adults who face overwhelming barriers in the areas of education, on-the-job training, health and wellness and long-term career development.

Our Principles

We value integrity, honesty, strength, compassion and perseverance

Achieve Simply Because You Can

Be A World Changer

Mentoring Today Our Future Mentors of Tomorrow

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Never Let Go Of Your Dream